Sunday, April 19, 2015

A Perfect Sunday

Today was a perfect Sunday. I started the day by sleeping in. Sometimes after a long week at work, sleeping in is the best thing ever. Then Rob cooked brunch for us, an omelette, and it was delicious. We sat around lazily sipping coffee and chatting.

It was a beautiful sunny day. So we loaded up our mountain bikes and the dog, and drove out to Pavan Park. It was a lovely spring day for riding around on the trails. Then we went down to the river and threw sticks into the water for Kate to swim out to and fetch. I think it was Kate's perfect Sunday too. 

After we came home and had a snack, I spent a couple of hours puttering around in my vegetable garden. I cleaned out dried leaves and so on left over from last Fall, and then began turning over the soil. My herbs are starting to reappear, even though it is still going down below freezing every night. I dug out some marjoram plants and chives to give away, as they are spreading and I have more than I need. I gradually have built up some good soil in the garden bed, and there are lots of worms. Once again, probably foolishly, I have high hopes for my little veggie garden!

Then Rob built a bonfire in our little backyard fire pit, and we had a wiener roast. I always love the first wiener roast of the season. There is something very satisfying about sitting outside on a beautiful evening, gazing into the flames. 

Throughout the day, I checked my phone frequently, almost obsessively, looking for messages. We have two more grandchildren on the way, and one of them could arrive any day now. I am one excited grandma!

Throughout the day, I managed to fit in a few minor tasks. And now, as soon as I finish this blog post, I am going to relax with a novel, some chocolate, and a cup of tea. This is, I have to say, a perfect Sunday.

Roasting a wiener at the backyard fire pit.

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