Saturday, April 19, 2014

A Walk on the Headlands, Completed

I have recently completed the painting I was working on, A Walk on the Headlands. This painting was inspired by a trip to Portugal. We spent several days at a little village on the west coast of Portugal, Vila Nova de Milfontes. One sunny July day we walked along the headlands to a small port to the north of where we were staying. It was a hot day, and the flowers were in bloom. At one place along the path, we came across some detached sections of zigzag snake fence standing alone in he middle of the field. As the fence was not continuous, we could not figure out its purpose. I snapped a picture of Rob standing by the fences.

The photo above shows the completed painting. I posted about this painting previously when it was at an early stage. 

Rather than blocking it in, the way I usually do, I began more detailed work early in the process, then spent a lot of time trying to adjust the colours and the values. The reference photo that I was working from was predominantly in the midrange of values, which think I achieved in this painting; however, my colours are brighter. 

Overall, I am pleased with the final result. I have painted the scene using an impressionistic style. It reflects the feeling that I had, walking through those beautiful fields filled with flowers next to the sea. I have not usually included figures in my paintings. So this was one of the new challenges for me in this painting. 

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