Sunday, April 20, 2014

An Existential Scudellari Poem

While I am praising the poetry of Francis Scudellari, I would like to post this link to another one of his fabulous poems. This one is called a day in the dream life. I love the way he explores the existential confusion at the boundaries between dreams, waking, and being in this poem.

The poem itself appears below.

a day in the dream life

the dreams I dream can be not so dreamy
but life-y, filled with so much of my life's
dull parts, like the part I put in my hair
using a large comb. And I know not to grow
attached to life, and its dreams, what with the me
I dream and live not being me, except the parts
where holes holed into me, small oval windows
to the unreal of my dreamy reels, but I am.

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