Sunday, May 30, 2021

Welcome, Abby!

We have someone new in our lives. 

Abby on the Couch
This is Abby, who has come to live with us. She is a Standard Schnauzer, and she's 5 years old. Did I mention cute? She's very, very cute. And, characteristic of Schnauzers, she's a girl who knows her own mind.

Abby in Backyard
She has been with us for less than two weeks, but has already settled in. In the photo above, Abby is hanging out by the fishpond in our backyard.

Playing with Boomerang

A Drink at the Pond


She loves to play fetch with the squeaky bacon-scented boomerang that my son and his girlfriend gave her. Keep-away is another exciting game. She has met my two grandsons, who were delighted that likes to play fetch.

Oliver on Dog Bed

Rest at the Summit












She is a wonderful walking and hiking companion. We have a network of off-leash trails right outside our door. She has already discovered all the best place to get a drink or wallow in the mud. 

Yesterday, Abby and I climbed Notch Hill and had a nice rest in the shade when we reached the summit.

Our cat, Oliver, has taken over Abby's dog bed. But she's okay with it.

Rob with the Pets
Although Abby hasn't lived with a cat before, it looks like Abby and Oliver are quickly becoming pals. 

Wherever we go, she likes to jump in the car and come along.

A Walk on the Boardwalk

We are delighted to welcome Abby into our life.