Friday, March 29, 2013

Marion Boddy-Evans

I have discovered another artist whose work I really love -- Marion Boddy-Evans. Marion lives and paints on the Isle of Skye. (How cool is that?). According to her website self-description, her primary medium is acrylics. Most of her current works are on the themes of seascapes & landscapes, sheep, and trees & forests. For example this painting below is titled "Minch 12."

It is in her Landscapes & Seascapes series, inspired by the view of the sea as seen from her studio. As can be seen in this painting, she has an amazing command of colour, and handles the paint expressively to convey the mood of a place. Her tree and sheep paintings are equally wonderful. In addition to her website, she also has a blog, the Mad Cat Art Studio, and she has published a book, "The Moods of the Minch."

But wait, there's more! She also is a writer and a teacher. For more than ten years, she has written the Painting pages on The site is extensive, and includes articles on each painting medium (oil, watercolour, etc.), various painting styles (abstract, realism, etc.), colour theory, composition, begin-to-paint introductory lessons, and much more. I especially like her projects and tutorials section. In this section, she presents a series of tutorials on, for example, landscape painting, or portraiture. Her explanations are explicit and well-written, and include visual examples. She welcomes comments from her readers as well.

She also sets monthly painting projects, in which she presents a specific challenge, and invites readers to submit their work. For example, the February/March 2013 project is "Opaque-Colours Portraits." Marion has quite a following. Often 20-50 works are submitted in response to the monthly challenge, and Marion somehow finds the time to write helpful and encouraging feedback about the paintings to most of the participants.

I guess I am one of the only people on the Internet who didn't know about Marion Boddy-Evans! I am glad I finally discovered her.


  1. Hi from the Isle of Skye, and thank you!

  2. Excellent Blog! This is very well written. I love Marion's work too. She's helped me and countless others. Much admiration and I look forward to reading more of your writings here!

  3. Thank-you for visiting my blog Marion.

    sasto65, I agree with you; Marion's paintings are wonderful, and she also generously shares her knowledge with others.