Thursday, March 7, 2013

Tom Thomson

I have always been a great fan of the paintings of Canada's Tom Thomson and the Group of Seven. This painting, In the Northland, is by Tom Thomson.

Tom Thomson hiked and canoed through northern Ontario, painting landscapes along the shores of the Great Lakes and especially in Algonquin Park. The painting below, Northern River, was painted in 1915, nearly a century ago.

The painting below, The Pool, also was painted by Thomson in 1915.

The three paintings that I have chosen to feature here show interesting differences in his treatment of trees. In each composition, the viewer is looking through trees to a body of water. Each painting demonstrates sophisticated and dramatic use of colour to represent the quality of the light. As well, each painting makes use of verticals contrasted with larger masses or colour blocks. And yet, each painting is quite different in mood and technique.

I can look at Thomson's paintings again and again, and I continue to marvel at them and learn from them.

There is a brief biography of Tom Thomson written by Brandi Leigh here.


  1. I appreciate the Art of Tom Thomson very much!
    I think, The Northern River is my favorite now. The mood of this picture is kind of mystical and all seems ancient like prehistoric landscape. I like this feeling )

  2. Yes, Northern River is an amazing painting. He was such a talented artist.